Director Message

From Manager's Corner......

"The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one" 
                                                                           - MALCLOM FORBES

BHAGATJI MEMORIAL MODEL (SEC.) SCHOOL is an institution working on the vision of MR. SURYA DEV TANWAR ( Founder of School). His vision to enlighten the future of every child. To initiate something unorthodox in rural area is not everyday's cup of tea. His vision to educate children  and enrich them physically, mentally, holistically. We want our students to be capable to voice against injustice.     
" Harnessing Potential, 
  Achieving Excellence" 
This motto of our says it all. We are raising the roof in every possible way to explore the talent every child has and help them to identify the ability that is within them.
BMMS that pledges to make its children an Authoritative Citizen of its Country, a responsible & Courteous human being and Kind hearted person. Our Founder MR.SURYA DEV TANWAR is an epitome that how a person can be a Good Leader with Kind and Generous Heart.
We want our Students to be Good Representative  of our School, Society and Country as a whole. We make our students understand and enhance in their life to RESPECT everyone irrespective of their Gender, Caste, Religion and Culture.

We as BMMS will whole heartedly lead the legacy of our beloved founder MR . SURYA DEV TANWAR. 

Mrs. Sunita.