Origin & History

On 17th January 1990, the Bhagat Ji Memorial Model (Secondary) School, an initiative of Surya Dev Education Society  made a humble beginning with just 40-50 students. Today, BMMS has evolved into a premier co-educational English Medium School located in serene environment of Yamuna riverfront at Palla village in northern part of Delhi. Over the years the school has wonderfully evolved into a fine example of tradition blended with modernity.

The Surya Dev Education Society which manages the affairs of the school, comprises of many eminent personalities from all walks of life taking cue from their experiences. The school imparts not only quality education to its students but also ensures that all students are groomed properly to fit into modern societies seamlessly. The school through its state of the art infrastructure  offers a spectrum of co-curricular activities through house system. This complements our philosophy of raising strong individual personalities in a healthy and congenial manner. Various prizes and laurels won by the school at the ‘Zonal’ level Sports, Cultural and Art Activities stand testimony to the commitment of the school.

We encourages students to vigorously pursue excellence not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities. Inter-House Competitions for Debate, Dramatics, and Painting, Poetry Recitation, Essay Writing, Singing, Group Dance, Solo items and Quiz are organized on a regular basis. The school provides exemplary exposure to the sports enthusiast and has also made excellent arrangements for imparting meticulous training in various games and sports. Sports build characters and BMMS realizes this fully well. Such ethical values are inculcated through work experience & community service.

BMMS culture is an amalgamation of academics, discussions, seminars, clubs and workshops, all being intelligently designed and promoted at school. Syllabus at BMMS, is carefully planned and complete guidance and counseling is provided to enable the students’ independent thinking and expression. The ‘PDP’ activities in the school inculcate in the student’s team spirit, feelings of patriotic 'Education to the students' which will lead to the development of Head, Heart and Hand.So, that they efficiently discharge their duties to themselves, to the community, to the Nation as a whole and to humanity at large.

The school expects the students to be polite and disciplined at all times. They should greet the teachers whenever and wherever they meet them. A student should always keep in mind that they are the ambassadors of the school and they are responsible for projecting positive image of the School.

Late Shree Laje Singh Bhagat Ji
The Bhagat Ji Memorial Model Secondary School was established in the pious memory of the revered soul Late Shri Laje Singh Bhagatji in 1990. He was a man endowed with inexhaustible qualities of simplicity, sympathy, empathy and creativity. His sole aim was to get the society rid of social evils and to establish newfangled ideas and moral values among the human beings.

He used to worship God both in the morning and evening. He was staunch devotee of Lord Krishna. Having experienced “Life is God’s Divine Play, Human life is meant to feel his divine play”, he devoted himself physically, mentally and socially to the Divine Creative Force.

Having entirely drowned himself into the devotion of the creator, he undertook arduous spiritual journeys like “Padayatra” from Palla to Goverdhan and “Dandavat Parikrama” of Goverdhan and “84 kos Brij Parikrama” was accomplished with some family members. The subject of his meditation was the God. The practice to which he devoted himself was the God. The topic of his conversation was God. His thoughts were always about the God. ‘Lo and behold’, he became the Bhagatji, the disciple of Bhagwan.
                                                       THOUGHTS OF BHAGATJI
  1. No work is high or low, so don’t feel shy to do any work.
  2. One should transform one’s own self according to time.
  3. A person and his education is known by his manners. So, one should be kind, generous and helpful.
  4. One should have a fixed diurnal schedule and adhere to it religiously.
  5. At least 10% of your monetary fund should be invested in God related acts.
  6. One’s aim should be generous and disinterested.
  7. One thing we should do is to be blissful for the mankind.